Am I Able To Retire?

By Simon Cooper
October 15, 2019

One of the most common problems we see with clients contemplating putting together a plan for their retirement is that they do not believe they have enough funds to retire comfortably. What we are finding is that many Australians are working well into their 70’s because they do not have enough to retire on. Another common problem we find is that people have made financial mistakes in the past and they let that hold them back from making any steps forward to better their finances. Anxiety about where one stands financially and how best to move forward is all too common.

Common Financial Mistakes That Hold People Back

  • Excessive Unnecessary Spending
  • Living On Your Credit Card
  • Using Home Equity Like a Piggy Bank
  • Living Pay Cheque to Pay Cheque
  • Lack of Investments

X Marks The Spot – Your Financial Road Map

Think of your finances as a map. After we identify the “you are here” mark and where you want to be financially, a financial planner can help you decide on the best pathway to take to get to where you want to be.

Our approach is to hold you by the hand and be able to move forward at a pace that you’re comfortable with to be able to achieve your financial goals.

Can I Retire Within 30 Days?

The biggest obstacles we see that clients usually feel prevents them from even contemplating retirement is usually a combination of three things:

  • Insufficient Savings

    According to AFSA (Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia), they estimate that an individual will need $545k and a couple $640k for a comfortable retirement. In a recent survey conducted by Roy Morgan entitled the Single Source survey, which surveyed over 50,000 Australians face to face, the average gross wealth of those intending to retire in the next 12 months was $299k. However, taking into account the average debt level of this group which was $27k, the average net wealth was $272k which is considered inadequate for retirement. The conclusion from this survey was that most Australians will rely on government benefits when they retire.

  • Lack Of Regular Income

    As more and more Australians approach retirement age, the thought of not having regular income can be daunting. A recent study by CEPAR (Centre of Excellent in Population Ageing Research) found that 70% of all Australian workers will end up relying on the old-age pension, so you are not alone.

  • Debt

    One of the biggest reasons for an unsuccessful retirement is debt. Maybe you still have a lot of debt tied in the mortgage or car and feel like you are not ready to retire.

If any of these are true in your case, we invite you to learn more about our FW30 Rapid Retirement Program.

Retire In 30 Days On A Minimum $1000 A Week – Tax-Free

We invite clients to participate in a complimentary consultation so that we can evaluate where you are at the moment, where you want to be and be able to help bridge that gap specifically with our FW30 Rapid Retirement program. In the FW30 Rapid-Retirement program, we help clients get a minimum of $1000 a week tax-free. A big part of the discovery session is centred on if you are eligible to retire in 30 days and if not in 30 days, we look at how you can get there as quick as possible.

So along with being able to work out a time frame to be able to retire comfortably on $1000 a week tax-free, we also look at estate planning, tax planning and capital gains tax planning. We also look at how to access government transition-to-retirement schemes and how to balance between your income and assets to be able to maximise the old age pension – whether it’s a full or part pension to top up your super pension. Ultimately at the end of the discovery session, it’s time well spent to be able to discover if you can retire on 30 days on $1000 a week tax-free and if not 30 days as short as possible time.

At Forward360, we’ve helped hundreds of client around the country discover how they can retire on $1000 a week tax-free.

Simon Cooper

Co-Founder, Managing Director, Financial Adviser

Simon is a financial advisor who takes his work seriously. He ensures that all of his clients receive the best possible advice, so that they can reach and exceed their financial goals, both personally and professionally. Simon has been in the business for many years, and has a wealth of experience to share with his clients. He is known for being friendly and approachable, and always puts the needs of his clients first. Simon Cooper is an Authorised Representative of Reedy Capital Pty Ltd (AFSL No. 495539), Authorised Representative Number 1248807 and a financial adviser at Forward360.

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