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What Rules Apply to SMSFs and Property?

With the property market hitting all-time highs in 2021, interest has never been higher for people who want to invest through their SMSF. In the September 2021 quarter, Australia’s SMSFs had almost $88 billion invested in non-residential real property, with another $47 billion in residential real property. But before adding property…

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What To Expect From A Financial Adviser

Team of Financial Advisers

Battles come in many forms, it’s not always swords, bows and killing machines. Some battles are greater than others, some are far bloodier but shorter, and some we’re bound to fight for a very long time. A key to winning a battle is to have the right people. Numbers don’t…

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The Boom and Gloom of Emerging Markets and China.

There has been some concern in the market chatter re the problems of a company in China called Evergrande.  Although the average Australian may not be aware or concerned it is a good idea to be at least informed. Emerging markets have been in the news with concern about the contagion…

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