Money Tips

Preserving Your Legacy & Protecting Your Family

preserve your legacy

Why do people work hard? Well, if a hundred people are asked as to why, then a hundred varying answers will be given. However, there is a huge possibility that most or even all of the answers will include working for oneself and family. Family is the support system that…

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Tips to Surviving Black Friday: What You Need to Know

Black Friday is a great time to save money, but the crowds and chaos can be overwhelming. If you want to avoid the stress of shopping on Black Friday, then you should consider shopping online instead. It’s much easier to find deals from your couch than it is in a…

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The Household Budget – Balancing Control and Flexibility

Surely there must have been questions, as children, that were asked as to why extra cookies and chips are included in the groceries in this month, but not for the next. Ingredients for a much coveted cake recipe or maybe milkshakes that are bought for another and not for the…

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