Wealth Creation

What Rules Apply to SMSFs and Property?

With the property market hitting all-time highs in 2021, interest has never been higher for people who want to invest through their SMSF. In the September 2021 quarter, Australia’s SMSFs had almost $88 billion invested in non-residential real property, with another $47 billion in residential real property. But before adding property…

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Preserving Your Legacy & Protecting Your Family

preserve your legacy

Why do people work hard? Well, if a hundred people are asked as to why, then a hundred varying answers will be given. However, there is a huge possibility that most or even all of the answers will include working for oneself and family. Family is the support system that…

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Australian Share Market Not Excited Over New Economic Data

Recently, the share market held firm after new economic data, including retail trade figures, was released. Investors weren’t moved, but banks and resources gained ground, keeping the market steady. The Impact of COVID Is Clear Cases are rising across Europe and the US, while China deals with a new outbreak….

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There’s Never Been a More Important Time to Buy Australian

2020 has impacted every part of our lives — we’re working from home more, kids are homeschooling, and we’ve had to change our social habits. The stress of 2020 has hit small and local businesses particularly hard, many of them unsure whether they can keep their doors open. You make…

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Can the ‘Staycation’ Save Australia’s Tourism Industry?

COVID has put a damper on many of our plans for 2020. Homeschooling, curbside food pick-up and working from home have all changed our daily routines. Certain businesses have been significantly financially impacted, not least of all is Australian’s tourism industry.No International Travel Means Significant Dollars LostIt’s no surprise Australia…

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