How to Bounce Back from JobKeeper Stimulus Changes

By Simon Cooper
September 9, 2020

Nobody could have foreseen what a destructive year 2020 would be.

If you’re like many Australians, the JobKeeper stimulus kept you working and earning. You’ve also had to endure multiple changes to the program. The amount of stress you’re already feeling can be amplified by not understanding how your stimulus may be affected.Big Changes in SeptemberThe safety net created to catch Australians from falling below the poverty line is weakening. As the economy is stimulated and more people go back to work, the government is pulling back.This doesn’t have to financially devastate you. The first step to any solid financial foundation in uncertain times is a realistic and thrifty budget. This budget planner helps you understand where you spend each penny. It also gives a line of sight to those areas where you can cut expenses.Be Your Own Safety Net2020 has reminded us the one constant in life is change. You can expect JobKeeper to continue to evolve and eventually diminish. The biggest favour you can do for yourself is to cut spending anywhere it’s possible and put that money in a savings tool.

The JobKeeper rate is going from $1,500 per fortnight to $1,200 after September 28 and then $1,000 after January 4 if no further changes are made. In just four months’ time, 33% of people’s income could be cut.You can still WIN.

A change in pay doesn’t mean you have to stop building the future you deserve. At Forward360, we help everyday Australians achieve the kinds of goals dreams are made of. We have experts ready to assist you with:

• Superannuation advice
• Insurance instruments
• Retirement advice
• Financial planning
• Tax minimisation strategies
• Investment advice and portfolio management
• Estate planning

Stop Worrying About Money
Give us just a half-hour, and we can show you the path to financial freedom. We help people every day see that 2020 can be the year they take steps toward their own “happily ever after.”

Reach out today and enjoy all of your tomorrows.

Simon Cooper

Co-Founder, Managing Director, Financial Adviser

Simon is a financial advisor who takes his work seriously. He ensures that all of his clients receive the best possible advice, so that they can reach and exceed their financial goals, both personally and professionally. Simon has been in the business for many years, and has a wealth of experience to share with his clients. He is known for being friendly and approachable, and always puts the needs of his clients first. Simon Cooper is an Authorised Representative of Reedy Capital Pty Ltd (AFSL No. 495539), Authorised Representative Number 1248807 and a financial adviser at Forward360.

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