What is Your Business Worth?

Prepare your business for maximum payout at the right time.

In order to transform years of hard work into maximum profit, you need to carry out a business value gap analysis.

This value optimising strategy is designed to prepare your company for maximum payout at the right time. At Forward360, we offer an accurate indication of how much your business could be worth based on all known information.

The ‘value gap’ is the difference between what your business is worth and the amount of money that you need. 

A business value gap analysis is highly valuable on multiple levels. Not only does it shed light on the amount of profit you can expect to make, but it also provides clear advice for all stakeholders on the steps they need to take to improve value based on temporal constraints, market forces, and other realities. At Forward360, we can help you to determine your retirement income and assets based on the value of your business. There are many factors to take into account, including business assets, income, inventory, investments, taxation, marketing, and human resources. We offer a detailed business value gap analysis report based on the following steps:

Your Benefits

Our team will assist you to carry out a detailed business valuation and implement steps to maximise profit. From business structures to tax minimisation, from asset sales to succession planning, lots of work can be done to identify gaps, eliminate problems areas, and optimise the value of your business.  

We provide valuable 'what if' reports based on different scenarios. If you need a business value gap analysis for your business, please contact Forward360 today.