The Top 4 Reasons Why You Need A Financial Advisor

By developer
April 2, 2019

Getting the right advice today could change your life, now and in the future – and a financial plan starts with a simple conversation. Many individuals and business owners make the mistake of not getting a financial advisor and that is to their long-term disadvantage.

Here are the top 4 reasons why you need a financial advisor, regardless if you are an individual or a business owner:

  1. Accountants can’t give financial advice and a Financial Advisor can’t give tax advice unless they’re a tax Financial Advisor.
  2. Accountants can’t legally discuss advice around superannuation, retirement planning, wealth creation, investments, debt reduction, insurances, estate planning and asset protection, which are all important aspects of someone’s financial future.
  3. Financial Advisors can do all of the above and if they are a tax Financial Advisor can also complete everything that an Accountant can do.
  4. Accountants don’t plan for the future, the only complete the paperwork after June 30 and tell clients what they could have done but at this stage it’s too late.

Sophie Moore

Marketing Manager at Banca

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