Your Beliefs About Money Are Affecting Your Financial Goals and Reality

By Simon Cooper
September 23, 2020

We all hold a certain set of beliefs that dictate how we move through life. If you think rollercoasters are scary, you’ll probably avoid them. And although it’s rarely talked about, the same is true of money.

We’ve compiled some of the most common beliefs about money along with ways to combat those thoughts and the money woes that follow.’Money Is the Root of All Evil’People who believe this, even partially, tend to feel guilty for having financial success. If being wealthy is one of your goals, even a secret goal, then it is an exceptional one.

Just remember, money is a neutral instrument. You can use money to do extraordinary things for you, your family and the world.

‘It’s Only Money’This is most commonly used when we don’t have control over our spending. It’s sometimes easier to attach a low value to money than it is to admit we’re not handling it well.

Head over to this budgeting tool. Getting a clear idea of what’s coming in and what’s going out will provide you a stronger relationship with your money, bringing you closer together.’I’m Not Good with Money’This belief is one of those self-fulfilling prophecies. When someone says they’re not good at something, it’s like throwing their hands up and no longer trying to get good.

You CAN be good with money. In fact, you can be great.

It’s always a good idea to enlist the help of an expert whenever you’re trying something new that can be of great consequence in your life.’My Family Isn’t Rich'” use_theme_fonts=”yes”][vc_column_text]And that’s okay, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be. Your financial past or that of your family does not have to dictate your future—but it will if you let it.

Be the first wealthy member of your family. There are easy-to-follow steps you can take that will break the cycle of not having money and start one of being wealthy.We Believe You Can Have the Future You Dream Of” use_theme_fonts=”yes”][vc_column_text]Our experts can help you create a new belief system around finances, money and wealth.

Reach out here for a consultation. We can talk through your beliefs and worries, develop goals and create a plan to reach them. We help everyday people achieve the kind of financial freedom dreams are made of!

Simon Cooper

Co-Founder, Managing Director, Financial Adviser

Simon is a financial advisor who takes his work seriously. He ensures that all of his clients receive the best possible advice, so that they can reach and exceed their financial goals, both personally and professionally. Simon has been in the business for many years, and has a wealth of experience to share with his clients. He is known for being friendly and approachable, and always puts the needs of his clients first. Simon Cooper is an Authorised Representative of Reedy Capital Pty Ltd (AFSL No. 495539), Authorised Representative Number 1248807 and a financial adviser at Forward360.

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